Makaira Geotechnical Pty Ltd

Seismic Geophysical Consulting Service

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Makaira Geotechnical is a Geophysical Consulting Service, Providing a Wide Range of Geophysical Support Services Concentrating on Seismic Data Processing and Analysis.

In particular we are involved in:

Seismic Survey Design - operation procedure definition and planning for survey optimisation to reduce costs and meet Quality Objectives.

Seismic Processing QC and data analysis - defining the Quality Objectives for acquisition and processing and providing contractor supervision.  Anything from tender and contractor selection, to VSP integration and anisotropy definition to multiple dataset merging, we can help, always with particular attention to velocity QC.

Seismic Data Analysis - From Simple AVO and data review through to Quantitative Interpretation, fluid and reservoir prediction and volumetric analysis.  It is our knowledge and day to day use of QI that makes us better at processing QC for field developments.

Field Development Geophysics - using Delivery Bayesian Simultaneous Stochastic Inversion - for reservoir properties and 4D analysis.

Makaira Geotechnical uses and recommends DUG Insight software for QI analysis, and will provide complete output projects in Insight format upon request.  We also support and assist our clients with interpretation after the project is delivered.  We don't just dump a report and leave you.

Makaira Geotechnical loves the efficiency and speed of velocity QC with Pegasus, in fact we reckon it is quicker and better to get the gathers from the contractors and to either pick the velocities ourselves or QC their velocities.  Let Franco or Bruce show you this!