Makaira Geotechnical Pty Ltd

Seismic Geophysical Consulting Service

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Seismic Analysis from Data Review through to Quantitative Interpretation


Whilst we don't have enough manpower to manage multiple field developments, we usually perform AVO analysis of 3D data sets as part of our QC.  If you want these attributes - it's not a big extra charge, just a few hours to archive the products as SEG-Y.

If you are going to farm-out the data or want a clean management review data-set, we are happy to produce a data review project in DUG Insight.  If you want we can go further with Rock Physics Trending, AVO cross-plot analysis, or full blown inversion. 

Each year we do perform a few field development or large appraisal projects.  Usually combining both conventional inversion and Bayesian Stochastic Inversion.  Please contact us well ahead of such a project.    

We can also help your geophysicists understand the significance of the data they have received.  We can help with just a few hours advice, or preparing a full presentation.

If you don't know what the data you have can tell you, give us a call.