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Seismic Geophysical Consulting Service

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Survey Design

We see a lot of data sets!

Seismic data processing and acquisition methods are evolving all the time.   We can advise you how to optimise your survey design for field development and how to acquire the 4D baseline, or how to get the best possible exploration coverage for your dollar.  Do you really understand the impacts of slant acquisition, or spectral effects of deep tow, especially in deep thin target situations?   

Geophysicists must understand how best to process their data and how to design the optimum survey.  Fresnel binning based infill sounds good in practice, but what are the impacts on shallow data?    If FWI and 3D SRME are required, do you have the right tow geometry?  How small an nRMS do you really need to see a saturation change in a 4D survey? How close to the original baseline survey positioning do you need to be? (this takes a bit of work, and a previous survey and log data to determine).

Makaira Geotechnical can provide a review of survey parameters, write the contract, handle the tender for acquisition and processing services, and negotiate with seismic contractors on your behalf.  We understand how changes in the contract will effect your costs. 

We love multi-azimuth data sets, and the flexibility of nodal acquisition on land.    We also love to talk geophysics, give us a call!